Victor Villa

Tiffany Villa

Tiffany has been a core team member with the OpenWest Conference since January 2016, both as an Event Coordinator and a member of the Diversity & Inclusion Council. Previously, she co-founded a free math lab for teenage girls and hosted local events to encourage women in technology to network and build friendships. Currently, Tiffany works as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, helping people build websites using WordPress. She can be contacted at tiffany[at]utos[dot]org.

Tyler Johnson

Tyler is a Computer Engineer currently working at Control4 as an automation engineer. He enjoys building things with raspberry pis and coding in Python 3; His specialty is writing APIs for embedded devices and large data analysis using matplotlib and pandas. At OpenWest he helps with University outreach and runs the intercollegiate CTF. After hours you can find him on League of Legends as “Akmod” where he mains any off-meta jungler. When pressed for details about competitive play Tyler said “My rank is fine why do you ask?” and quickly changed the subject, “Did you know I run Arch Linux?”.

Corban Villa

Corban is the Director of Operations for the OpenWest Conference, along with being a student. He works primarily with Python, Docker, and Salt, though enjoys learning new technologies. He has presented at both DEF CON r00tz and Saintcon on bluetooth hacking, along with annual OpenWest presentations on Linux, Python, and Java. He enjoys distro hopping, though is currently rocking Manjaro and i3. While still legally underage, he routinely chastises his father for sticking more than one process in a Docker container.

John Pope

John Pope is the head of the web development team at Pope Tech. His professional career spans over a decade and he has worked on 100’s of projects spanning everything from frontend web development to system administration and security. He can often be found learning, teaching and doing things centered around new technologies and is always on the lookout for something to grab his attention and cause lots of late nights learning and playing with a new idea. John is particularly passionate about finding and participating with various tech and entrepreneurial communities and helping in any way he can. He has presented at dozens of user group meetings, taught introductory and advanced web development topics in workshops, classrooms and pretty much anywhere he can find a context of people interested in technology.

Anthony Browness

Anthony began his professional career with 8 years in the Army as a Chemical Operation Specialist, after service he attended college for his CS degree and landed an internship doing Test Automation, which he has been doing full-time for 5+ years. He specializes in Java, Spring, JUnit, WebDriver, tooling, and framework architecture. He is considered a “Guru” in Selenium WebDriver. Currently, he is a Senior Developer in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Anthony also enjoys hacking as a hobby, and is involved in the Information Security and Hacking communities across the valley. He is a co-founder of SLCs Hackerspace 801Labs, root member of DC801, and recently administrated a voting machine hacking village at HackWest conference. He also enjoys Gardening and hacking with hydroponics setups to grow fantastic sprouts. OpenWest holds a special place in Anthony’s heart, after he discharged from the Army he didn’t know which direction to take his life, he attended his first OpenWest in 2012 and immediately enrolled in college for a CS Major. For the last few years he has facilitated the toy hacking competition(HeboCon), and he is super excited to be on the Core Team this year!

Josh Healey

My professional experiences have enabled me to become proficient within the system administration and networking world. With my IT & virtual reality skillsets, I’ve had the exciting opportunity to directly work with amazing companies to include; The Void, Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm, and Disney! Working with such a vast and diverse demographic of incredibly skilled peers has given me grand memorable adventures that are irreplaceable. I am a positive and motivated team member with core values of integrity, determination, and ambitiousness. Through examples and life experiences I have been able to develop these traits which, in turn, have helped me to overcome many trials and challenges. At the end of the day though, it’s never the victory of overcoming these challenges that are the best highlights. It’s the relationships and forming new friends that fought along your side during them!

Eli Durfee

Eli works as Events Coordinator at the Utah Open Source Foundation. They worked as an intern for Utah Open Source, and helped with OpenWest the last few years. They can most often be found enjoying the delicacies of their favorite pizza chain while helping corral the efforts of the coreteam at UTOS. Eli has recently entered into a degree program to learn Software Development. Eli’s guardian: an affectionate feline named Ender is almost always nearby at home, and often tries to cover up important text messages whilst sitting on people’s cell phones.

Elissa Van Marter

Evan Morrow

Kevin Carter

Michael Whiteley

Michelle Floyd

Spencer Ohlendorf

Tyrel Kelsey

Zack Shafer