OpenWest 2019 · April 10 – 12th · Sandy, Utah

Capture the Flag

A similar CTF challenge, except focused on local colleges. Teams of four are allowed to compete against each other.

The cyber security challenge of the conference! In the OpenWest CTF, participants race to answer security related questions and challenges. From the most novice to the gurus, the CTF has questions for everybody. Prizes, Honor and Prestige await the victors!

Hardware Hacking

Often the first opportunity to solder, the hardware lab features 30 soldering stations and volunteers to help you learn the basics of electronics. For those who love creating and working with hardware, come find a community of friends and like minded individuals.


Hebocon is a robot sumo-wrestling competition for those who are not technically gifted. It is a competition where crappy robots that can just barely move gather and somehow manage to engage in odd, awkward battles. To my knowledge, this is the only robot contest in the world where people with no technical capabilities to make robots are presented prizes.


Locksport is the sport or recreation of defeating locking systems. Come out to learn the fine art of bypassing locks! Already a pro? Try our locks and refine your skills!