High School Capture the Flag
June 9th, 2018


A challenge taken from the headlines, a competition created to inspire the next generation of information security specialists.
The competition requires the contestants to defend the power company by reviewing logs, finding clues and finally logging into a production server to perform a security audit and take steps to secure it.

First prize is $500 for the contestant who BOTH scores the highest and is able to keep all required systems online. For contestants who don’t keep all required systems online, the highest place possible is 2nd.

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Utah Open Source
Utah Open Source Foundation, a collaboration of volunteers from local user groups, held its first conference in 2006 to support and promote open-source software. The conference has grown since then, and so has its regional reach into the surrounding communities.


SecurityMetrics is a global leader in payment data security for all business sizes, and as an Approved Scanning Vendor and Qualified Security Assessor, has tested over 1 million payment systems for data security and compliance. Among other things, SecurityMetrics offers PCI audits, PA-DSS audits, consulting, mobile device vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, security appliances, data discovery tools, and forensic analysis.