OpenWest 2014 Conference May 8 – 10 · Orem, UT


Welcome to the 7th Annual OpenWest Conference where we gather to discuss all things open: source, hardware and standards.  Offering over 100 session and special events we balance the benefits of a large conference with the benefits of being community-driven by the local user groups.

Presentations offered by national speakers and local community members to build a unique experience.



Leadership in Diversity

The following sponsors have gone the extra mile and donated allotted conference tickets to help make this a diverse community. We applaudfd their leadership and assistance in this endeavor.


One more thing…

Working in conjunction with the amazing people at the Transistor, we proudly present the OpenWest Electronic Kit.


Key signing Party

A key signing party is a get-together of people who use the PGP encryption system with the purpose of allowing those people to sign each others keys.

OpenWest Hackathon

Wed. Night Hackathon!

SaltStack is proud to be an OpenWest sponsor. To start the conference right we will host a Salt Sprint / hackathon on Wednesday evening at UVU . Join us Wednesday at 6pm to help make Salt even more awesome.

Dinner will be provided!

Please click here SaltStack Hackathon for more information..

Beginner Track

Beginner’s Track

We are doing a special track this year on Saturday (remember the free part?) This is a track specially designed for you. We’re calling it our Beginner’s track. All of the courses in this track are for people who:

  • can use a computer, the internet, email, etc.
  • may have never programmed before
  • have always been curious, but never really knew if they could or wanted to pursue programming


Beehive Startups is proud to showcase TechTeamUp on the opening night of
the OpenWest Conference.

TechTeamUp is an event designed to provide budding entrepreneurs with the
opportunity to pitch their startup to a large, highly-technical audience
with the hopes of procuring a technical co-founder. The winner of the event
will receive a cash prize, courtesy of Grow Utah.


NSA Surveillance and Internet Privacy

Pete Ashdown – Xmission
Adi Kamdar – EFF
Shane Caraveo – Mozilla
Dr. John Taber – Tiger Nassau
Dave Heldenbrand – UVU

This panel discussion will focus on internet privacy and related topics.  Come attend the discussion and join us for a social afterward to meet the panelists.


OpenWest Young Technologist


Our Saturday Young Coders track has grown into a conference of its own! We are now offering a Young Coder’s track and a Young Engineer’s track! Bring your children to learn the basics of programming languages like Python and Scratch, Databases, Security, Robotics, Hardware and more!.

Parents, we are also preparing some presentations for you on what to do if you find yourself raising a Jedi who is strong in the ways of the force.

Please click here Young Technologist for more information..


OpenWest hackcenter

| hackCenter: Attack a Box [OpenCTF]
| Brought to you by theTransistor and
| DC801
Test your skills, ask questions, learn how services are often exploited,
and WIN AWESOME PRIZES in this three day long open-CTF. To participate you
will need to bring a laptop. You are welcome to participate for as little
or as long as you would like.