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Click here to download the 2014_OpenWest_Conference Prospectus

Conference Overview:
The OpenWest conference is a regional conference that has continued to show strong growth in the Open Source, Open Hardware and Open Standards communities. Working with many of the local user groups and businesses, we’re able to get a great cross section of the technology industry in the Mountain West area.


2012:  486
2013:  864
2014:  1,000 expected

Demographics Highlights:
CxO, Owners, Management – 15%
Senior Programmer – 32.9%
Programmer – 26.8%
Sys Admin – 6.3%
Specialists – 3.7%

Sponsorship Levels:
Platinum – $4000
Gold – $3500
Silver – $2500
Media – In-kind
Publisher – In-kind

Sponsorship Opportunities:
Lanyards Taken!
Conference Bag Taken!
Meal (Thursday Lunch or Friday Lunch)
Social Event (Wednesday night, Friday night or Saturday afternoon)
Attendee Prizes
Speaker Sponsorship

New Sponsorship features

  • Sponsorship Opportunity – allows sponsors to control a select portion of their sponsorship money.   can be directed towards: Lanyards, Social events, Lunch. This ability to specifically target the funds gives you the ability to customize your marketing strategy and bring the best benefit to your marketing dollars.  Please contact us to let us know which opportunities are still available.  If you have an idea not listed, please contact us, we’re interested! Find out more!
  • Recruiter Sponsorship –  Conference attendees now have the ability during sign up, to request a visit with a recruiter.  Out of the 864 attendees from last year, 15% responded Yes, they wanted to be talked to about career options. That’s 132 leads! To obtain this list for this year, we are requiring that a recruiting firm sign up for the recruiting sponsorship and purchase the list for an additional $500. We will NOT sell this to multiple recruiting firms and it is sold first come, first served.  In addition to this, we provide several tickets for additional staff, we also provide a 50minute presentation slot for a member of your staff to present on local hiring trends or similar topic.  High Visibility! Hurry! There is only 1 copy of the Hot Leads!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  If you have a suggestion on a sponsorship, we’re open to the idea!

Victor Villa