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Community Partners

These organizations collaborate with Utah Open Source to help make the conference what it is today.

Business + Entrepreneurship

Beehive Startups is the leading independent organization devoted to covering and building Utah’s startup and tech community by consistently producing quality journalism, organizing Utah’s most popular and impactful tech events, and powering organizations like StartStudio and Start Foundation. Beehive Startups has created a unique community platform that fosters an inclusive, collaborative, and supportive environment for anyone interested in being a part of Utah’s startup and tech ecosystem. The organization strongly believes a community is strongest when the opportunity to participate and be heard is democratized, and its mission is to give every Utah entrepreneur a voice and an extensive network of support.


InfoSec, Defcon, Programming, CTF, Gamers, Hackers, Electronics, Lockpicking, Arduino, DIY, Crafts, and MORE!

The Transistor is a hackerspace where people from many different backgrounds come together to work on projects, have fun, collaborate, and build crazy contraptions.

Big Data

Utah Geek Events is a 501c(3) not for profit dedicated to bringing low cost and no cost training to the community. We organize Utah Code Camp, Big Mountain Data and partner with many user groups and communities to help them put on events for the community. Including Game Jams, Hackathons and user group meetings.


UtahSAINT is a professional organization of technical and network security professionals throughout the State of Utah and beyond.

The UtahSAINT organization was organized in 2001, and now has over 300 members.