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The Global Good
Promoting Digital Inclusion for New Americans

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The Global Good Project is an initiative of Utah Open Source and Cotopaxi, in partnership with the International Rescue Committee in Salt Lake City, designed to match the incredible talent of the Utah tech community with the needs of new Americans throughout our community. We partner with the International Rescue Committee to empower the individuals they serve through computer science education and together build solutions to identified community needs.

Project Goals

One of the goals of The Global Good Project is to match refugee families with tech mentors to help set-up a computer in their home and teach digital literacy skills. At the Open West conference we want to raise funds and computers to provide 150 refurbished computers for refugee families.

By refurbishing computers less than 5 years old, we give new life to great hardware.  Donated hardware:

  • Must be working
  • Must be less than 5 years old ( 2012 )
  • We prefer laptops, and gladly accept desktops

You can also make a donation to support this The Global Good Project to help us purchase hardware and other materials for digital literacy programs.

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Tech Mentors Successes

450 Hours

Total Time Donated


Total Value of Volunteer Time to Date

Computers arrive in the homes of families, delivered by Tech Mentors.  The Tech Mentor helps them to install the computer and starts to teach the family about the computer, programs installed on the computer and how to access the internet.

The taught curriculum is Open Sourced, via Utah Open Source.


Refurbished computers are built on the latest version of Ubuntu, with all the software a family needs to be on the internet.  Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, Atom.io and more.  

The computers are also configured so that a student can practice HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL and other web technologies.


Refurbishing of the computers is done by local technology groups who volunteer their time.

The Global Good

The International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover, and gain control of their future.

Thanks to the generosity of IRC supporters, more than 23 million people benefited from IRC programs and those of our partner organizations in 2015—nearly 5.5 million more individuals than we were able to reach in 2014.

Utah Open Source (UTOS) was designed to help the community of all aspects. Working with associations and people by providing education, tools, and knowledge of technology today. UTOS was established June of 2006 with the purpose of ‘Helping grow open source’. Since then, due to a strong group of volunteers and the core team, they have been able achieve this and much more. 

As a Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corp, giving is at the core of Cotopaxi’s business model. Each year, they designate 2% of revenue to help alleviate poverty around the world. Through sustainable product design and targeted grant making, Cotopaxi is committed to creating a positive social impact.