2014 OpenWest Conference

Welcome to OpenWest

May 7 – 9, 2015 in Orem, Utah

The largest regional tech conference devoted to all things OPEN: Hardware, Standards, Source and Data.  OpenWest works closely with many of the local user groups to plan, develop and operate the conference.

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2015 Leadership Networking Lunch

The OpenWest Conference is proud to host the Executive Track, a colloboration between Silicon Slopes, Utah CTO Breakfast and the Women Tech Council.

Network over lunch with local tech industry leaders and stay for 3 executive level presentations.


Career Opportunities

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OpenWest Hack Center

| hackCenter: Attack a Box [OpenCTF]
| Brought to you by theTransistor and
| DC801
Test your skills, ask questions, learn how services are often exploited,
and WIN AWESOME PRIZES in this three day long open-CTF. To participate you
will need to bring a laptop. You are welcome to participate for as little
or as long as you would like.


Ham Radio Class & Exam

This course provides two-day, no-nonsense (ok, maybe a little) course targeted on passing the exam required to obtain your first ham radio license. We’ll cover radio theory, electrical math, and FCC regulations. You’ll need a way (smart phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) to access email and websites (particularly HamStudy.org and noji.com/hamradio) during class. A license exam session will be provided on the third day


OpenWest Keynotes

Peer into the data stream with our Keynotes to get insight into what is coming.


Conference Badges

Help us get the word out to others in the community! Post a badge any place you call home: your blog, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. 


Key signing party

A key signing party is a get-together of people who use the PGP encryption system with the purpose of allowing those people to sign each others keys.


Training Courses

We have 2 kinds of training:

Full day – a deep dive into the topic. Be prepared for 6 full hours of training in 1 course!

Half-day – pick any 2 half-day tracks and cover multiple disciplines! 


OpenWest Training Track

On May 6th, the day before the conference talk dates, attendees have an opportunity to attend either 2 half-day tutorials or 1 full day training.

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Tech Teamup

TechTeamUp is an event designed to provide budding entrepreneurs with the opportunity to pitch their startup to a large, highly-technical audience with the hopes of procuring a technical co-founder.

Presenters have five minutes to pitch their startup, explain the technical challenges that lie ahead, and reveal what they’re looking for in a technical co-founder.

Find out more!


Young Technologists

Our Saturday Young Coders track has grown into a conference of its own! We are now offering 3 tracks!  Young Coders, Young Engineers and Young Designers! Bring your children to learn Programming, Electrical Engineering and Design!