#OpenWest x #ZaReason CTF Competition

As real as it gets.

This. Is. It. The grand finale for the Grand Loot Prize Giveaway Contest is a collaboration with ZaReason for the most epic CTF ever!

This year’s CTF will be located at the OpenWest Conference’s Hackcenter. It’s a Jeopardy style CTF with up to 50 challenges to test your hacking skills.

The competition will start, May 7 at 9am and will end, May 9 at 2:30pm. The URL for the challenges will be made available at the OpenWest’s Hackcenter. So, make sure you stop by the Hackcenter!

The person with the most points wins and will get the rights to select their prize first. The winner will be announced 3PM at the OpenWest Conference, May 9.


Grand prize:
ZaReason’s Mir 645 Laptop

– Ubuntu 15.04 (default)
– i3-4000m
– 8GB of meory
– 500GB 5400rpm
– Intel AC 7260
– Nvidia K2100 2GB

Other awesome prizes includes: TUX keyboards, WiFi Pineapple Mark V, USB Rubber Ducky and many, many more! Stay tuned.