OpenWest Conference 2015 Leadership Networking Lunch


May 7th at 11am

Utah Valley University Library – Lakeview Room

The Leadership Networking Lunch is a collaboration between Silicon Slopes, Utah CTO Breakfast and the Women Tech Council.  Network over lunch with local tech industry leaders and stay for 3 executive level presentations.

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2PM Customer Validation for Open Source Communities

Summary:  Open Source Communities have a wide variety of considerations including how a community will use a product, what technologies are available to a community, and which frameworks best serve a community.  Come learn how a strong community member contributes to the development of an open source project, advocates for its constituents needs, and partners with an open source provider to develop an open source product with high usability.  


Caprice Post Bio:  Caprice N. Post is the Director of Unified Communications at The University of Utah in the Department of Information Technology reporting to the University CIO.   

3PM   UI/UX Best Practices for Product Leaders
Summary:  Creating interfaces that your customers enjoy using essential. We’ll review several practices to identify and repair breaks in the user experience quickly and how those improvements can reduce the cost of customer adoption. We’ll review ways to work with the open community to get needed feedback earlier in the cycle and methods for engaging users. 
  • Best practices: Pitfalls and benefits of split-testing for early validation of ideas 
  • Making online user adoption more sustainable and profitable
  • Methods of gaining user-feedback
  • Examples of split-testing done with user-research & UX design
  • Reducing the SEO rollercoaster 
  • Conclusion & Q&A 
Speaker:  Bonnie Bronson, UX/UI & OPTIMIZATION 
4PM   How to refactor, experiment, and innovate on a deadline.
Summary:  Most companies want to be innovative, to reduce technical debt, and allow their engineers the freedom to explore and learn. So why doesn’t it happen more? Even with good intentions, deadlines and other practical concerns eventually win out. It may seem like executives are the only ones who can fix things.  Come to this presentation to learn how engineers can create an innovative environment from the bottom up by making it a part of their daily and weekly craft. 
Sean Hess BioSean Hess is an inventor and technical consultant, who specializes in projects that have never been done before, or have many unknowns. He has been hacking since the early days of the internet. He founded I.TV and Orbital Labs. Sean was most recently at


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