Schedule – information about the schedule – make changes to your presentation description
Bio changes – make changes to your speaker bio
Presentation Feedback – upload a video and receive feedback from experienced presenters
Promote – promote the conference on Twitter, etc
Tickets – register for your complimentary ticket
Food – get your meal vouchers
Code of Conduct – expectations for all speakers and attendees
Audience Peculiarities – additional information about your audience
Hotel Information – for out-of-town speakers
Internet – internet access at the conference
Speaker Lounge – where speakers can hang out
Projectors and Audio – projector resolution and A/V inputs
Uploaded Content – local hosting for easy downloading by attendees



Our presentation schedule is available at now. Please let Steve Meyers know ASAP if you are unable to present at the time shown, or if there is any other problem you see with the schedule.


We have uploaded the schedule to We are using as the authoritative source for our schedule, so please make edits on if necessary. If you haven’t claimed your session(s) on, please do so now.

We will be sending users to to leave feedback ratings and comments on your sessions. You are encouraged to show the URL for your session’s page on your slides, and ask attendees to leave feedback.

To claim your session on, do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. If you have an account, sign in, otherwise register for an account
  3. Find your talk on the OpenWest event page and click on it
  4. Click on the “Claim talk” button

To add a co-presenter to your talk:

  1. Claim your talk (see above), and wait for your claim to be approved
  2. Click on the link to your talk from
  3. Click on the “Edit talk” button
  4. Add an additional speaker


Unfortunately, does NOT have any way to change your bio. You’ll have to make those changes at, where you originally submitted your talk.


Please use the hashtag #openwest when promoting the conference. Our Twitter handle is @OpenWestConf, which you can use as well.


You can get your ticket at You should have received a promo code by email for your complimentary ticket. If you have not received it, please contact Steve Meyers.

Make sure to sign up for the General Admission ticket, not the Business ticket. If you’d like to do the Business ticket, the promo code will work as a $85 discount.

Please be warned that if you apply your promo code and then back out of the purchase, the system will not accept the promo code again. We’re working to fix that, but in the meantime, it will save you some hassle to make up your mind which you want before you apply the promo code.


You will receive 2 vouchers for meals from the concessions booths.


Please review the official Code of Conduct for the conference. You will be expected to maintain those standards, which include not harassing other attendees. As speakers, what you say (both in words and in slides) can constitute harassment, if it violates the Code of Conduct.


Most of the attendees of the OpenWest Conference are from Utah, and a large percentage of those regularly attend what we like to refer to as the “predominant religion” in the state. Vulgar or obscene jokes or remarks will generally not be appreciated, nor will heavy use of profanity.


For those whose hotel is being paid for by the conference, we have booked you at the Hyatt House in Sandy. If your hotel stay is not being provided by the conference, staying at this hotel will put you at the same place as the other speakers.

To reach the front desk to schedule a shuttle contact 801-304-5700, then press 0 (zero) to reach the front desk directly. Any agent will be able to assist with scheduling a shuttle. The shuttle goes within a five mile radius of the hotel and is complimentary.

For out of town speakers staying at the hotel who do not have transportation arranged:

>From the airport, take the 704 Trax (light rail) to Gallivan Plaza Station, then switch to the 701 South Trax (towards Draper). While on the 701, call the hotel front desk and ask them to send the shuttle to pick you up at the Sandy Expo Station in half an hour.

You can also grab an Uber, the fare estimator says it would be about $25.


The internet will be wireless, and should not have any restrictions on ports. However, we recommend that you do NOT depend on the conference wifi for your presentation, as that’s almost always a bad idea.

If you have anything for your audience to download, we are hoping to have an on-site download server available. More information to come.


All rooms will have 16:9 HD projectors, with hookups for HDMI. If you need any other connector, please let us know as soon as possible so we can let you know if we’ll be able to provide an adapter for you.

The adapters we have will be available in the speaker lounge for you to borrow for your presentation. Please make sure to return them as soon as possible after your presentation, so others can use them as needed.

The audio sent through the HDMI connection will go out the speakers, so if you have audio requirements, please make sure your audio goes out that through HDMI.


The speaker lounge is just inside the main Exhibit Hall, to the left. When you arrive at the conference, skip the normal check-in lines and pick up your badge in the speaker lounge.


We would like to announce a new service where speakers can upload files, slides, applications, and any other assets for attendees to be able to quickly access. These assets will be locally cached at the conference and accessible from, so if you do plan on using this service, direct attendees to that site.

To start uploading, head over to to create an account. Self-registration will be open Monday and Tuesday, so please create an account within the next two days if you plan to upload, even if you don’t add files until the day of. If you miss this deadline or encounter any issues, please contact